Custom Talent Demos


YOUR VOICE OVER DEMO is a short 60 Second sampling, showcasing your strengths, range, and abilities. Our approach to creating a talent demo has always been creative & different.

Our process begins with an interview with actor, writer and director JoBe Cerny. Mr. Cerny has been on both sides of the glass in this business for over 40 years.

During this interview, Mr. Cerny will get a good idea of what type of material best suits your voice. He will also ask you defining questions to help you discover what makes your voice unique and marketable. Based on the interview, JoBe Cerny will write you brand new custom copy. This copy will be strongly influenced by your interview, and will draw upon your personal history making it both unique and memorable.

Once you are happy with your script, we will bring you into the studio to record. JoBe Cerny will direct you throughout the entire recording process and will make sure that each section is perfect. Next our engineers will edit your demo, add music & effects, and master your finished work.

Any changes you want can and will be made until you are 100% satisfied with the final product.

Our demos are a unique, and affordable, way to showcase your strengths and personality as a Voice Actor.



Dylan Grassl

Mark Haddad

Jane Nelson